Our Methods

APE is an acronym for our core philosophy. We believe the learning process must be Active, Practical, and Engaging. Our goal is to deliver an educational experience that is meaningful, enjoyable, and usable.

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Core Philosophy


Our approach is student centered. What that means is that the student is the focus of our courses. We adapt to our students. Children are among the most active people on earth, so in our classes we move. We set language goals together and help each other fulfill them, all while incorporating physical activity. There is no one way to teach, there are hundreds, and one thing is certain, physical activity increases blood flow to the brain. 


Babies can learn a language without textbooks and grammar rules. Exposure, engagement, and repetition is most essential to language learning. We are focused on building concrete learning. Concrete takes a while to dry but it lasts longer. What that means is that we don't teach to tests, or rely on recollection of information to show knowledge. We use teaching methods developed from modern sciences conclusions of how brains work. The science is very clear on what are good teaching practices and what ones are not. We trust in education's pioneer scientists such as Plato, Aristotle, Howard Gardener, Jean Piaget, John Dewey, and all the teachers who have sought for better practices. 


Humans like to learn. Kids too! The student centered approach engages children and adults alike. Also teachers, who are positive, fun, and interesting, promote success and learning. We cherish creativity and physical activity in our courses because they are healthy components of concrete learning.