The Society

Our vision is to contribute quality educational programs and advocate for modern educational practices to the Prague community. The students, teachers, parents, families, and schools who are a part of our courses are part of our mission to spread the appreciation of learning. It takes a society to learn, not just a school. In societies people help each other, that's what we want in the classroom. The human mind can achieve more with cooperation and teamwork. 

What we pledge:

Dedication to unhindered exploration of knowledge.  

Search for the best in each other. 

Appreciate individuals.

Work together in achieving our goals. 


Our Team

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Teaching is my art.

Nick Wilson

I'm from Shirley Massachusetts, its a little village little known. It all started for me, when I was 12, sitting in Mr. Richard's geography class, which was my favorite subject. We read about maps, we read about cultures, and then we did some more reading. A question came to my mind: Isn't there a fun way to learn about this?

That question stayed with me in my next class, then to the next year, then on to high school, and was a moment which fueled my teaching career. My professional career began in 2010, since then I have taught in rural, urban, and international communities. I studied Middle School Education at Fitchburg State University. I was a classroom teacher of English and Geography in the U.S.A. and now I am teaching English in Prague. I am dedicated to improving the education we provide children. I have a total of eight years of teaching experience. I have run After School Programs for six years. I firmly believe there are better ways to learn and teach. 

I founded the APE Language Society in October 2017. My hope is to adapt language learning for the modern era, for the modern child, and modern teacher. 

In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my dog Indy, and taking my wife for walks. We all hike together, as nature is a place the three of us enjoy. I've also begun bouldering and I'm training for a Spartan race. I enjoy building and fixing things too.


Learning should be fun.

Eva Matyaskova

Currently I'm working as a kindergarten and an elementary teacher and I've have had experience with high school teaching. What I love about my job is the fact you can see the progress of the work you do. There is nothing better than to see the impact of education on children.  Learning doesn’t need to be boring, it should be something children can enjoy.

I graduated from the University of Economics in Prague and I'm continuing my masters there in economic teaching methodology.  I started as a personal tutor and grew my skills enough so I can teach classes at school. My passion has grown ever since. I feel passionate about what I do and I see the different good teaching approach can have.

I specialize in pre-school and high school education but working as a elementary teacher helped me a lot to really understand the needs of the different ages. Especially how important is to make the entire learning process fun for the kids. If they have fun with learning, they want to do it and they do more than they are actually asked for and the knowledge become more concrete.

The main reason I feel passionate about the A.P.E. Language Society project is that we can help children develop their language skills into usable and practical language skills. 

In my free time, I travel. I love traveling and seeing the many wonderful places in the world. I also enjoy public speaking and participate in competitions for it in my University. 

Our Locations

Dr. Edvard Benes, Cakovice


J.A. Komenskeho, Brevnov


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We're looking for more

Our goal is to help children enjoy learning. If you know a school that would like our programs tell us! 

How would you make schools better? We're interested in children's answers too!


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